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NEW3TION – Three cities as trendsetter for sustainable nutrition projects

This research based project brings together questions of the smart city programme with the latest foodtrends on topics of sustainability and climate - conscious urban nutrition spaces.

Sustainable Development for Austria

SD4Austria will identify the most relevant SDGs for a smart urban development in Austria. It will explore and deliver new and relevant strategic, thematic and methodical approaches for the target audiences of the Smart-Cities Initiative. In addition,...

Smart City Profiles

Comprehensive and comprehensible climate and energy relevant city profiles were developed in close cooperation with the participating cities and the climate and energy development fund. The city profiles are presented via a multimedia visualization, ...

Demo Smart

The DemoSmart study examined the correlation between the socio-demographic development of cities and their path toward the implementation of a Smart City concept.

Smart Finance

New ways of funding Smart Cities major projects have been identified and presented in a funding handbook to support urban demo regions in their medium- and long-term financial planning. In particular, possibilities for the use of European funding ins...

Cooperation models

The aim of this project is to contribute to the support of cooperation between Austrian communities or key community players/institutions and the economy in terms of future smart cities projects.


Evaluation of research topics and preparation of recommendations for actions for “smart cities" Based on a broad literature review, SmartCitiesNet defined the term and gave an overview of the Smart Cities topics as well as the major Austrian projec...

Integrated smart city mobility and energy platform - The Project me2

In June 2016 the European smart city project "me²" started. The project is coordinated by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences within the framework of the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) programme. The project me² repres...
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Scientific Evaluation of the Smart-Cities-Initiative

The project “Scientific Evaluation of the Smart-Cities-Initiative” aimed at the iterative and collaborative set up of an organizational design for the scientific evaluation of the Smart-Cities-Initiative of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (K...
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The aim is to promote the development and application of feasible and useful Smart City indicators through the standardisation of principles and processes for project- and city-specific indicator system development.
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