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Project management

DI Robert Hinterberger
New Energy Capital Invest GmbH

Tel: +43(0)1 3323560-3060


Programm-Management Klima- und Energiefonds

Mag.a Daniela Kain

Tel: +43(0)1 585 03 90-27
Mobile: +43(0)664 886 24 428


Smart Finance

New ways of funding Smart Cities major projects have been identified and presented in a funding handbook to support urban demo regions in their medium- and long-term financial planning. In particular, possibilities for the use of European funding instruments in the new structural funds period (2014-2020) were identified.

Background and Objectives

Under the framework of this project the following steps were taken:

  • The possibilities of financing of Smart Cities major projects were explored;

  • These new funding models in particular were combined with innovative business and funding models;

  • The possibilities of EU funding instruments (e.g. ELENA , JESSICA) in the new structural funds period (2014-2020 ) were presented and synergies with other projects and activities utilized.

The aim was to use the know-how from international best practice examples and to support the current and future Smart Cities demo regions in their medium and long -term financial planning.

In summary, it can be stated that financing of Smart Cities measures requires a mix of different financing instruments and models, and both public and private stakeholders must be involved. Funding for Smart Cities measures primarily through classical local government financing or by the municipal government, however, does not seem possible.


In addition to the final report, a financing guide has also been produced - this is available in two versions: a high-resolution version of the graphics as well as a low-resolution version of the graphics with a smaller file size. Selected presentations that were created as part of the Smart Finance project are also available for download.

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